Black Student Union (BSU)Cal Poly Humboldt student pose for a photo 

 Embrace Your Identity: Join BSU and be part of a dynamic community that celebrates the richness of Black culture, heritage, and diversity. From cultural celebrations to thought-provoking discussions, BSU offers a space to embrace your authentic self. For current meeting times and information email us at:  #BSU #CollectiveConsciousness

Black to the Land

Students enjoying a kayking trip


Explore, Learn, Grow: Embark on unforgettable outdoor adventures infused with Black knowledge and perspectives. From hiking scenic trails, farming,  to engaging workshops, you'll expand your horizons, deepen your understanding, and forge lasting connections with the environment and each other.  For more information email us at and follow our IG @umojahumboldt. #BlackToTheLand #NatureRootedInCulture


Black Student Athlete Union(BSAU)

Black student athletes and advisor pose for a photo in front of a fountain.


Connect and Empower: As a member of BSAU, you'll be part of a tight-knit family that celebrates diversity, resilience, and excellence. Gain a supportive network of fellow student athletes who understand your journey and share your aspirations. Contact for more info.  #BSAU #RiseTogether 



Black Liberation & History Month


In collaboration with campus and community partners, the Umoja Center for Pan African Student Excellence works to coordinate a number of activities and events that celebrate Black history at Cal Poly Humboldt. While the Center celebrates and promotes Black scholarship, genius, and excellence on a daily basis, we shine a special light on Black culture, politics, and community achievements in February. The Black Liberation Month planning committee begins working in the Fall; to join the Black Liberation (History) Month planning committee, contact us at #BlackLiberation

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

Students pose for a photo at the NSEB convention in Southern California.


Connect and Thrive: NSBE is your home among friends, a vibrant community where you'll forge lifelong connections with like-minded peers who share your goals, challenges, and triumphs. Join a network that understands your unique journey and provides the support you need to excel. Contact us at for current meeting times and events. #NSBE #EngineeringTheFuture



Black Grad Celebration


Student celebrating at Black grad

BLACK EXCELLENCE ON FULL DISPLAY! Black Grad is an annual tradition at Cal Poly Humboldt where the campus community gathers with friends and loved ones to celebrate and honor the academic achievements of our diverse Black students. Black graduates have an opportunity to share special moments on a very special occasion. Contact for more information. #BlackGrad #OurAncestorsWildestDreams