Academic Advisor

Harrelle A. Deshazier

NHE 212B

Office: 707-826-4589
Cell: 707-572-5202 (typically answered during the weekdays, Monday through Friday)
I arrived at Cal Poly Humboldt in 2013 as a first-time freshman and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2017. Throughout my time as an undergraduate, I have served in many roles in student leadership, including RAMP, EOP, and TRIO Upward Bound. Throughout my undergraduate and professional career, I'm glad to say the fiery passion I have for this work has only grown larger and brighter.  I am committed to student development and only aim to inspire individuals to harness their own personal power within the context of post-secondary education. 
What "Academic Excellence" means to me is not necessarily a near-perfect GPA or always being what we know as a "star student". What I believe this excellence to be, is unshakeable confidence: a will to always learn, an openness to being wrong, and commitment to lifelong learning, in and out of the classroom. Serving as the Academic Advisor for the Umoja Center, I plan to assist students in not only the successful attainment of their respective degrees; but, more importantly, the development of their identity and self-worth as a student, as a professional, as a human being.